At Least CBC is Consistent

cb on July 28, 2017 - 9:06 am in Hilarious

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In February, NationNews reported that the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was $115 million dollars in debt. General Manager of the organization, Doug Hoyte, said that this was due to the entity’s struggle to earn consistent revenue, and the absence of government subventions, which CBC hasn’t received in 20 years. It’s a sad situation, really. Hundreds of jobs are on the line and there is a possibility that our main cultural outlet might cease to exist.

The organization is feeling the brunt of a changing technology and media landscape. More mediums to digest news and entertainment have popped up in the last few years, and competition (Flow Tv, Digicel Play) and cord cutters have all but put Multi Choice on the backburner.

There is one shining light in this dark storm, however: CBC’s consistency. No, not just Constanly Broad Crap. But it’s consistent commitment to nostalgia.

Switch on channel 8 at anytime (go ahead, do it now) and it feels like you’re back in the good ole’ days, no matter what device you’re using to watch it. HD Flat Screen? Curve Tv with Smart Technology? A big pooch Zenith? Who cares! You get the same fuzzy quality across all devices. If you’re lucky, your screen might even scramble.

Think I mekking sport? Check out their YouTube channel and see that the output is the same 480p goodness.

That video was from yesterday! Not the mid-90s.

The sentimentality doesn’t stop there. Tune in before or after any of the resident talk shows and witness television programming from when you were young or before you were born. One time I watched a program about rocks on the East Coast from the 80s. In what was the most dull thing I ever witnessed, the white gentleman’s overdub conducting the world’s most boring geography class in my living room, I was overcome with grief and I wept for my predecessors.

But it’s all not bad. As I mentioned before, it’s our main cultural outlet. A societal archive. So at times there are some interesting programs on the racial, artistic, socio-political and socio-economic thought of Bajans from yesteryear. And it’s both glaring to witness how things were and how much they stayed the same. Much like CBC.

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