Out N’ About: Floetry Fridays (Week 2)

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So nice I had to do it twice. Made my way to Champions Sports Bar located in Paynes Bay St.James (On time too !) filled with the same excitement as week one. Ten dollars gets you two drinks and entertainment for the whole night. How cool is that ?

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As the venue slowly filled up, David Howard opened up this weeks proceedings with a rendition of “Say Something”. Aspiring singer/songwriter Torian Smith followed up with “I’m Going Down” and poet Vickie Greaves ,back from last week, finished up the first act with a very deep piece called “Mirror Mirror”.


Victoria Greaves



Diminutive rapper Del stepped up to deliver two emotional performances. One for a song called “Window” and the other I can’t remember the name (Blame the Banks). A clearly nervous Trilla D followed up to perform his song “Pride”. After messing up a few times he started over and broke out of his shell to blow the audience away with his dark lyrical content. He continued this style of rap with his second song “Wrath” which was greeted with nervous applause. Kosmani followed in the same vain as Trilla D with his nervy performance filled with ominous audio clips.


Maya Millington


Chuck Larry

Tyra Trotman was back to perform this week and this time she did so with friend Tionne. Together they form the group “Phoenix” . After calling up two guys from the audience (I assume their boyfriends) they proceeded to give a seductive performance of  the hit song “Can’t Remember To Forget You” by Shakira featuring Rihanna. This performance was filled with some technical difficulties and the duo returned to the stage to deliver an amazing cover of Bruno Mar’s “Treasure”.

The lights were raised and Vickie came back to perform her second piece of the night “Unvoiced Cries”. This piece received applause (and finger snaps) upon completion. Young Adaeze stepped up to perform a dope freestyle accapella. Clearly she had some stuff to get off her chest (Check the video).

Maya Millington was up next to give a rendition of Lana del Ray’s “Blue Jeans”. After getting over her nerves Maya recovered nicely as she did the song justice. Torian came back up to perform his 2nd song a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love” with David as backup.


Jonny K.


Haleek Maul x Jacques

Haleek Maul and Jacques kicked of the third act of the show by performing “Sun”. Haleek left the stage and Jacques rapped some bars from an untitled track. The animated Haleek was playing cheerleader by rapping along to every bar he spit.

RLG were back to close of the night with Jay Tremaine leading to perform a cover of JoJo’s “Disaster”.  Chuck Larry followed to perform an unreleased track from “Wake Up” and Jonny K performed “Dreaming” from his solo project called “JFK”.

Look out for the video soon.

Artists interested in performing at Floetry Fridays hit up husaniweithers@gmail.com.

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