Urban Spring Break

cb on March 31, 2014 - 10:45 pm in Features, Out N' About, Remix/Mashup

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I’m no good at party reviews as I usually don’t remember much the next day. Not because of heavy drinking but I just don’t remember majority besides a few stand out moments. Plus I’m enjoying myself who cares what’s happening around me? However, I’ll give it a try. The guys at Urban have been delivering quality parties since the inception. Following with the usual ‘Spring Break’ theme the 2014 edition was no different.

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I got in right at the beginning Jus-Jay’s set and the beach area of the venue was filled almost to capacity. If you’ve ever been to an Urban beach party, the set up was the same with the water slide to the back and the guy on the hose chasing women terrified that their make up may wash off if they got wet (I kid).The bar struggle was real as trying to get a drink ticket was an event in itself, but with the eye candy that was on display a parched throat was soon forgotten. Who could worry about a drink on a beach filled with an array of beautiful multi-cultural women, that this event always attracts, in bikinis and sundresses. Pure flava.

The Rocket Science NY team was also heavy in the building with the new collaborative tees from my boy Gallest‘s new project “Intolerable Cruelty”.


After an amazing sunset, another crazy set was about to take place. The band warmed up during the final moments of Jay’s hour and Teff took to the stage. The soulful Komi led the charge and Mayweather followed starting with his verse from Vizion’s “She Go“. The urban girls joined him on stage as he got the crowd pumped with the energetic “Ride Out“. The MC then sat stage side to drop some bars from the “Work freestyle“.

Komi took the reigns of the show to perform his song ‘AOK’ with aplomb. Fellow Island Life artist Qwase, who was sitting on stage, joined Teff to perform a verse for ‘Worst Behavior’, but after two tries too much Urban punch decided “he wasn’t ready”. Teff then went straight into the unreleased ‘Take 2’. Mohamed Haniff was brimming as he rapped bar for bar to his production. Then again he was smiling through the whole set. Urban punch ? A faulty mic robbed Qwase of a decent feature as his verse on this song is insane.

The band slowed the proceedings down as Mayweather went into ‘Moment‘. With the sun fully set and a beautiful night sky over the beach Teff finished of the set with ‘Starz‘. Saw what I did there ? The hit song whipped the crowd into a frenzy as the whole beach sang along to the hook. Sadly, to some other patrons and I, there was no surprise ‘Southbeach‘ performance.

Following the energetic performance Scratch Master took over and fellow Slam alumni DJ Puffy brought the party to a close. Another great party from the Urban boys. Big ups to the whole team.

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