8 Things To Do While Waiting On R8

cb on September 22, 2014 - 5:00 pm in Features, Lists

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Above is one of the many fan-made album covers of Rihanna’s highly anticipated 8th studio album nicknamed ‘R8’ by her loyal Navy. From her first release “Music of the Sun”, Robyn has been pretty consistent with her releases by providing an album a year.

However, after the release of 2012’s “Unapologetic”, Ri has been on somewhat of a musical hiatus. A few world tours, TV Shows, and Icon awards have satiated her fans appetite. Still, there is a growing restlessness due to the fact of no official word of a new project.

Nevertheless, below are 8 things you can do to pass the time while waiting on that elusive announcement.

Maybe she’ll do a Beyonce.

8| Listen To Her Old Albums


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Obviously. There is nothing like jamming to the old tunes that made you fall in love with the Bridgetown beauty. Put that discography on repeat until a new single is announced.

7| Follow Her Entourage On Social Media

Look who pulled through @ #VIProom

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One of the many ways to get a behind the scenes look of the captain of the Navy to bide the time. Follow her entourage for hopes of a song snippet. Even if it means scrolling through the endless babysitting posts, backstage pictures, and shmoney dance videos. Watch out for Rajad’s troll leaks.

6| Play “Guess Who She’s Dating ?”


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Indulge in your maliciousness with other media outlets to  numb the pain of no new music. Is it Drake ? Is it Chris (again)? Is it …Ummm…That’s the only two I know.

5| Pick Up The Countless Magazines She Has Covered


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Since embarking on her two year musical hiatus Robyn has held her own against some of the world’s  biggest supermodels in some of the biggest publications. The Lui one is my personal favorite. Sheesh.

4| Buy Some Merchandise

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Filling up your online cart with some Rogue, Viva Glam, and tour tees should be enough to cover the emotional scars – and hopefully  her studio expenses.

3| Vent To Whoever Would Listen


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Let it out ! It makes no sense keeping that frustration in. That’s why you have family, friends, and a Twitter timeline. They’ll understand how unbearable this wait is. They love you. Right ?

2| Question Yourself On What You Did To Deserve This


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Why *insert the deity you worship here* ? Why ?! Is this bad karma ? What did I do in my past life ? Was it because I didn’t buy any G4L or River Island ?

1| Wait Some More…

via Dailymail

via Dailymail

Unfortunately. Its not like you could hack into her icloud and… Ya know what, I’m not giving anyone any ideas. Yeah, it seems like forever but bare this in mind. With the time and effort that is being put into this new project, just know that she will be back killing the game like she never left. But if you do find yourself in that moment of dispair just start from #8 and repeat.

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