15 Artists’ Anticipated Projects For 2015

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The year of 2015 is very promising musically. With Rihanna’s highly anticipated album aside, our local scene is showing exponential growth and this year’s offerings would more than perfectly showcase that.

Some of the projects the artists have promised that we may, or may not, get this year; others are just wishful thinking. However, here are the fifteen artists (in no particular order) whose projects we just can’t wait to hear this year (hopefully).


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Teff has been teasing his new project for a while. Hell, we even did a promotional mix with him in 2013 because he said it was coming out that year.

Working closely with producers Akah Revere and Mohamed Haniff, he gave a taste of whats to come with Ride Outthe stoner’s anthem eXOtic, and teased Take Two during his performance at Urban Springbreak.

After leaving the now defunct Million Dollar Music, hopefully the follow up to 2011’s Dreamworld would be on the 2015 roster for his Island Life imprint.




Ms.Garnes debut project has been in the works for sometime. Last year she kicked it off with the well recieved self-conscious ballad Imagine.

The upcoming self-titled project is very likely, as she told us it will be coming sometime after Crop-Over when the Fully Loaded Band returns from their residency in Qatar.

It can be expected that she will work closely with her bandmates on the project, but she also expressed her willingness to work with Darien Bailey. Hopefully the songbird has some more in her arsenal that are as good as – or better than – the brilliant Imagine.



After gaining plaudits with Intolerable Cruelty, Young Fenty’s star is quickly rising – picking up the Barbados Music Award’s Rap/Hip Hop Artist of 2014 award in the process.

Don’t expect him to rest on his laurels as  he revealed in our interview that he would be releasing two projects this calendar year: another mixtape and a mini EP.

Without revealing much he said that he would be working with some household names on these upcoming projects. One of those names are reportedly super-producer DJ Mustard.




Over the past two years Kincaid has been sporadic with his releases.

Announcing his “come-back” with the controversial Freakend, he followed up months later with No Days Off, the relaxed Picture Me Jonesing, Kings Of The Earth with Buggy Nhakente, and the recently released Worth. That’s enough for an EP.

One of the earliest recognisable “barbadian hip-hop” pioneers, he has more than whetted the appetites of his core fans for an upcoming release.




Championing the fading Barbadian rock sound is the highly touted The Longest Night.

Championing it so much that the young band had the chance to perform at an international music showcase in Hollywood, California – and got a licensing deal to boot.

The band has some big shows coming up in the island, and overseas, but we hope that Robbi and crew can drop a compilation in between their busy tour schedule.





John Yarde is a fast rising star. The singer/songwriter is one of the spearheads of the new gospel movement coming out of Barbados. He has some notable performances under his belt not only in Bim, but over in his second home Trinidad.

With Anything Too Hard and Restore My Soul, his passionate sound blurs the line between that of traditional Caribbean gospel and contemporary music, but doesn’t stray far from his positive message.

As he wraps up his theology this year, hopefully we could get a full release in the latter part of this year, or sooner.


10255806_10152759138775830_3856182004782778048_nBrutal has consistently been at the forefront  of Barbadian dancehall for the past few years. His controversial and confrontational style has seen him knock competitors off the totem pole as he muscled his way to the top.

He told BimROCK magazine that his upcoming album would hopefully be released in March. But don’t expect songs like BadMan Nuh Lip, as he said it will carry a much more “international sound”.




With the release of 2012’s Bajan Style, Amanda and the guys introduced the world to their unique cari-pop sound.

Since then, they are back on the independent route after leaving their UK label Capital FM. Picking themselves up and dusting themselves off, they have been constantly touring and even released an EP, Liming In Limbo, as they work on their sophomore album.

With two new singles, Love Junkie and No One Knows, in rotation; a proposed release is  slated for sometime this year.



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Kris Irie is making some big moves and she doesn’t even have a song out. The 18-year old vocalist is known for her covers, but  she is set to release her body of work this year featuring production from Mohamed Haniff and Chris Rose.

The single Wind Blows and its accompanying video is due any day now and it would be great to hear what the young upstart produces.



The (now)trio impressed with their #RemembaNovembaFridee freestyle series with releases like Gawblummah and Duck Cluck, which saw them free-styling over popular mainstream beats.

Talking up their forthcoming release, De Original; lyricist GibbzyDan stated “This is going to be probably  the most impactful and poignant piece of work Azman has ever compiled.”

With such strong words we can’t wait to hear what’s in store.



Still a relative unknown, Nick is working under beat-master Minim’s new RFM imprint. With an impressive single W.A.N.L under his belt, a project from the young whippersnapper could see him making his way into the conversation of one of Barbados’ best upcoming rappers.




Anyone who thinks the duo are strictly a soca are sadly mistaken. Yes, they completely ruled Crop Over 2014 with the smash Ah Feeling – which is gunning for 2 million views on YouTube, and is getting remix after remix.

But last year also saw a return to the raw street sound they showed in the early stages of their career with LeadPipe’s 7.82 and Saddis’ We Made It.

With another big year in the books, a project showing the eclectic sound of the MWE front runners would not only show that they are the biggest soca stars of the moment, but the have the versatility to dominate in any genre they touch.



With all of the new music he teased on his YouTube page in 2014, a Simon Pipe project could not be to far away. There was Building A Wall, New Day, and also the excellent Through The Blinds with Livvi Franc.

During his performance at Mahalia’s Corner he also previewed Spinnin with Nexcyx. So hopefully those songs, and much more, will be on the follow up to Ya Probably Shouldn’ta.




Coming off the heels of his video for Bossman, The Spirit of the People stated in a vlog that you could look out for upcoming new music and videos as the year progresses.

At the moment he is over in Toronto working diligently on some new stuff for his third solo album before he goes back over to plying  his trade over in Qatar with his band Fully Loaded.






The leading contemporary band in Barbados’ is definitely poised to release some new music. Last year they released In Da Club, held their packed sold-out show Nexperience, and then ran the fourth-quarter with the popular “Mahalia’s Corner” series. You can expect a new project very soon.

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