Farmer Nappy Bigs Up Barbados and De Red Boyz

cb on February 26, 2015 - 8:16 pm in News

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Farmer Nappy - Loop News

Trinidadian soca artist Farmer Nappy shares why Barbados is “My House”.

Speaking to Loop News, he said “Barbados is a learning point for me, and for the past ten years I have been working out of Barbados and it have been working for me,. So Barbados is my remedy.”

The “Big People Party” singer went on to big up De Red Boyz, who he has a close working relationship with. “De Red Boyz is my family. Scott Galt teach me business; Mikey [Hulsmeier] teach me [to] go searching for songs.”

Nappy continued by speaking about the guys honesty when it comes to song selection. “Farmer Nappy stick with Red Boyz: Scott Galt and Mikey Hulsmeier for life.”

Watch the full interview below.

Also check out the video for Farmer Nappy’s “My House” featuring De Red Boyz and Imani.

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