Hear Tune – Episode 001 x 002

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Check out the first two episodes of our new mix show/podcast Hear Tune.


Have You Ever – Brutal Crankstar
Only The Strong – 10
Guide Me – Brutal Crankstar
Badman Anthem – Brutal Crankstar
Guinness & XO – 10
All I Need – Fantom Dundeal
Dying Today (I Ain’t) – Fantom Dundeal Feat. Blo Smallz x Sluggy Dan
eXOtic – Teff
Ride Out – Teff
Royalty – Teff Feat. Komi
Hold It Down – Gallest Feat. Shane Free
FWMYKIGI (Freestyle) – Gallest
Dark Side – Nate Wiles
Hennessy & XO – Nate Wiles (formerly Jonny El Rey)
Working All Night Long – Nick Levale
Dutty Babylon – The RFM Whippersnappers
Run Weh – Rhea Layne
Oh My Love – Rhea Layne
Lovesick Riddim – Cover Drive
Ah Feeling x Carnival Addiction (Cover) – The Longest Night
Demons – Ashlee Cain


See Dem – Buggy Nhakente
Bossman – Buggy Nhakente
Just A Man – Buggy Nhakente
When The Rivers Get Rough – Red Paul
Hustler’s Music – Red Paul
Lockdown – Kullurd
No Love Allowed – Rihanna
Don’t Give A F*** – Rubytech
How I Live – Rubytech
Live Ya Life – Nate Wiles
Southbeach – Gallest (formerly GQ) Feat. Teff
Ketchup – Gallest Feat. Teff
Army – Gallest (formerly GQ) Feat. Teff
There For Me – Teff Feat. Gallest (formerly GQ)
Looka Trouble – AzMan Feat. Simon Pipe
Woman – Azman Feat. QuietKid, Kayah, Mosi, Kupa x Rhyminister
Dead Presidents – Blo Smallz
Lionheart II – Blo Smallz
My Brother’s Keeper – Blo Smallz
I Assure You – Lee Allen
Lemme Show Ya – Torian
Bon Voyage – Hal Linton
Saved – Hal Linton
Pandora – Hal Linton

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