20 Verses With The Dopest Bim-Related Bars

cb on April 23, 2015 - 2:08 pm in Features, Lists

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It happened to all of us: listening to some music from an artist overseas and you hear a reference/or mention of Barbados, so you run it back to make sure your ears aren’t deceiving you.

So after giving you the six videos last month, I kept with the theme for this list – paying special attention to the dopest verses with the best big-ups to Bim.

After spending some time on Genius, I compiled 20 verses with the dopest Bim – related bars to aid you in procrastination from that important project the assimilation of relevant information. The Migos love it here !

1| “Nobody’s Perfect” – J.Cole (Feat. Missy Elliott)

Bar:“Your son out in Barbados, cheese eggs and potatoes/Smokin’ weed on the beach as my mind workin like Plato’s”

Cole boasts to his mother about the hotel’s breakfast, the relaxing beaches, and the indigenous herbs during his time here.

2| “The Waters” – Mick Jenkins

Bar:“Niggas on the block throwing pitch forks, and not from Barbados/I don’t give a fuck how you ‘rep your flag”

Yeah we know its a trident, but give Mick credit for the clever reference.

3| “Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide” – AZ (Feat. Nas)

Bar:“Gators from Barbados, never seen nobody play those”

Nasir is taken back by the gentlemen’s footwear they probably got from Bionic Man Shop.

4| “Pronto” – Migos

Bar:“If I need that 2 doe, I call up Pedro/Barbados where I get that yayo”

Takeoff let’s everyone know where he gets his white.

5| “Yacht Club” – Rick Ross feat Magazeen

Bar:“Puerto Rico for women, hit Barbados to shop”

In any Barbadian’s humble opinion, Rozay, it should be vice versa

6| “Ayo!” – Andy Mineo

Bar:“Enjoying God’s gifts, you know what the dish/Up in Barbados, they made us the flyin’ fish”

While in Bim for a show, Mineo enjoyed one half of our national dish.

7| “Problems” – Migos (Feat. Young Thug)

Bar:“Whipping that yayo, looking like mayo/It come from Barbados, my wrist is tornado”

Clearly Takeoff loves the drugs from here.

8| “Freddy Kruger” – Fredo Santana (Feat. Migos)

Bar:“I get the pack straight from Barbados”

In case you missed the first two reminders, Takeoff makes sure you understand.

9| “No Mediocre (Remix)” – Migos

Bar:“Take trips to Barbados where we can dip off and lay low/have a convo about peso, stick together like lego”

(Skip to 1:54) While Takeoff stops off for drugs, Offset brings his lady for downtime.

10| “Freestyle #13” – The LOX x The Notorios BIG

Bar:“Soon we gonna rock gators, hit bitches from Barbados/Then all y’all players gonna hate us”

Jadakiss aspires to rock square mouts and bed a bajan woman just to breed envy in his foes.

11| “I Know” – Black Hippy

Bar:“Sip henny until I pass out, or mash out like a sack of potatoes/Looking for a good girl gone bad from Barbados”

Slick Ri Ri ref. to recover from that “mash out like a sack of potatoes line” Ab-Soul.

12| “The Night The Earth Cried” – Gravediggaz (Feat. RZA)

Bar:“To trauma, dropped our mommas off in Bahamas/ And Barbados, Tobago’s, separated us from slave boats”

Unlike others who boast of our drugs, leisure, and women, the RZA kicks knowledge about slave ancestry.

13| “Don’t Say Nothin’” – Will Smith

Bar:“While y’all kids busy playing drug pimp and playa/I was at my crib in Barbados chillin’ with Jada”

Big Willie boasts of his prime real estate that is probably not in Coverly.

14| “Guest List” – B.O.B (Feat. Roscoe Dash)

Bar:“Straight shots no hangover, real bitches, no fake hoes/ Two chicks in Barbados, we bake O’s like bagels”

Not usually big bagel consumers but “bake O’s like salt breads” probably wouldn’t have worked.

15| “Hands Up (Remix)” – TLC (Feat. Clipse)

Bar:“You take my love for granted and I can’t stand it/Brought you in Barbados tannin’/Eating out of conch shells damn it

Even after getting a glorious tan and attempting the nearly impossible task of eating out of a conch shell, she still did Pusha wrong.

16| “It’s A Must” – Rakim (Feat. Rahzel)

Bar:“Ra slay flows go as far as the Barbados/On the turntable sound like tornadoes”

Yeah yeah, the line isn’t that hot. BUT IT’S RAKIM !!

17| “Born to Love You” – LL Cool J

Bar:“Is it the… way I caress and hold you close?/The iller, villa in Barbados?”

(Skip to 2:22) I think its the villa LL, definitely the villa.

18| “Why Wouldn’t I” – Fabolous (Feat. Paul Cain)

Bar:“I got cops that’s on the payroll/Jet skies, and speed boats docked up in Barbados”

Paul Cain with the least believable braggadocios line of this list.

19| “Rap Burglars” – Mathematics (Feat. Inspectah Deck x Raekwon)

Bar:“This Alaskan nigga approached me, he had suede on/Caesar head half moon , had his weight on/ Five sixty drop, rest in Barbados, Stacked potatoes.

Raekwon knows a little too much about this guy from Alaska.

20| “Cockiness (Remix)” – Rihanna (Feat. A$AP Rocky)


  1. “Eatin oxtails, sipping Cockspur”
  2. “I go cuckoo for your cou-cou/Your flying fish is my favorite dish/Won’t hear crickets when I crick it/Hit it, play games like soccer when we kick it/ Get it?”

Not only was Rocky flaunting knowledge of his father’s homeland, but doing it on a Ri Ri track was pure genius.

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