Drinking Rum Watching One Republic

cb on April 27, 2015 - 3:57 pm in Features, Reviews

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Last week Thursday, CHUM FM held their annual Breakfast in Barbados show.

The radio promotion, which has been running for the past 30 years, brings Canadian visitors for a week full of fun in the sun; which culminates into a big blow out concert on the final day.

PitBull, Enrique Iglesias, Katy Perry, K-Naan, Ne-yo, and Maroon 5 have all headlined at this event in the past. This years main attraction was the pop-rock band, One Republic. Holder’s – where the concert took place – was packed. Hundreds of cars and a few hotel coaches were parked neatly, adjacent to the sprawling polo field.

On first glance of the patrons outside; It was clear I was in the tall cotton.

Just being waved through by security to have the extra plastic snipped off my wristband, instead of a full body search, showed me just how relaxed the environment was. A mild culture shock ensued even though I was a few minutes away from where I lived.

Walking into the utopia of free drinks and overpriced sandwiches, upcoming singer/songwriter Andee was in the final stages of her set. Running on bajan time caused me to miss the first band; local rockers Jen and One Sixty Six. The reviews weren’t positive. “How dem beat Masala?” (There was a play-off between the bands for the coveted spot)” was the question being thrown around.


In the midst of people capturing their “I was there” insta-momentos and selfies, the stage lights dimmed; simultaneously building the crowds excitement.

Now to be clear, I don’t know much of the band’s music. And I didn’t do my usual “pre-show song binge so I can pretend to at least whats going on” ritual (e.g. J.Cole for Rihanna’s concert; and Wynter Gordon that one time in Taboo) so I know I would be lost at sea.

But once the music is good – and a few rums are in – who cares ? Plus I had my phone out for notes to try to remember part of the songs that weren’t Apologize, and Stop & Stare.

A sea of smartphones rose as Ryan Tedder & co. kicked off the hour long set with All The Right Moves. The high energy didn’t drop as the band went into What You Wanted and Stop And Stare, playing maniacally under the frantic coloured lights and in the thick stage smoke.

The stage went dark and Tedder assumed his position at a red glowing piano. After a teasing crescendo, he went into their breakout hit Apologize. Excited, “I know this one”, alcohol-fueled harmonies to the ballad filled the still night air.

The Colorado boys picked the tempo up once again at the end with Counting StarsGood Life; before capping off the awesome performance with the all to fitting – I Lived.

Watch some of the performance in the video below and see more pictures (including the ones in this post) from the night here– all courtesy of Nu Visual Media.

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