New Book Discusses Rihanna’s Impact On Barbados, The Region, And The World

cb on April 24, 2015 - 3:49 pm in News

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New book, Rihanna: Barbados World-Gurl in Global Popular Culture, sheds a different light on the bad gal.

Released in March, the book – according to it’s Introduction – focuses on Rihanna from several multidisciplinary perspectives (history; literature; political science; cultural, feminist and gender studies).

It aims to showcase her in international, US, Caribbean and Barbadian contexts simultaneously and dialectically, at the same time as they foreground her Bajan roots, in terms of both her rootedness and her uprootings.

The book is a collection of essays by US- and Caribbean-based scholars which are edited by Principal and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies,Cave Hill, Hilary Beckles, and Heather D. Russell, an Associate Professor of English at  Florida International University.

Rihanna-Barbados World-Gurl

You could read the Introduction and some of the first chapter, and pick up the book for $30 USD, on Amazon.



    I need to get this book. ASAP

  • BionicBey

    Lolol if only a university would offer a class on her… eh?