The Hits And Rare B-Sides On Red Plastic Bag’s SoundCloud

cb on May 28, 2015 - 7:50 pm in Ol' & Stinkin', Soca, Songs

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Red Plastic Bag - 2

Here’s a special throwback treat for the soca lovers.

While on an artwork search for RPB’s new song, Spontaneous, I stumbled across the icons soundcloud page. RPB got a soundcloud ? was my initial reaction. Buying into the ‘old people are out of touch with technology’ stereotype. But this account has been active for over 2 years. So it was clear I was late to the party. (I assume it was created by this site)

Over his 30 something year career that produced over 400 songs, the account showcases 15 selections (14 really, Ragga Ragga is posted twice)

Well known cuts like Volcano, Middle Passage, and – his biggest song- Ragga Ragga (Feat. Mac Fingall) are there; along with title-winners Once Upon A Wine (2011) and Something’s Happening (2009).

Now it’s not strange to see Bag’s classics on the internet – a quick YouTube search can bring up a fair amount of his discography.

But along with his well known hits, his soundcloud contains some precious b-sides you wont get to hear anywhere else unless you own a cd or vinyl. For example the inspirational Excellence In Life, the experimental Brother’s Keeper, and an early aught’s favorite, Hold On And Dance.

Sadly, none of these songs or available for download (besides Ragga on iTunes) but we compiled them for you to enjoy after the jump.


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