CBC Bans Jon Doe And Peter Ram’s “Sofa Kings” From Its Stations

cb on June 9, 2015 - 6:53 am in Crop Over 2015, News

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Peter Ram x Jon Doe

The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation want Jon Doe and Ram to take their furniture trade elsewhere.

Yesterday, artist Peter Ram posted to his instagram page a photo of a CBC inter-office memo addressed to all radio announcers from Programme Manager, Pearson Bowen.

Dated March 22nd, the message in the memo states: “Please note that the Crop Over song SOFA KINGS by Peter Ram and Jon Doe is NOT cleared for airplay.”


Ram posted the image with the caption: ” It’s now joke me and Jon doe get de BAND(sic) BUT DEM COULD STILL PLAY .. KICK INN SHE BACK DOOR”..MAC SONG SHE WANT DAT DOGGIE & BACON..” making reference to the station playing Onyan & Burning Flames, Kick Een She Back Door, and Mac Fingall’s Dog Lover and Bacon.

More song-troversy.


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