Holla Bak Recalls Writing For Machel Montano At 16

cb on July 22, 2015 - 3:58 pm in Crop Over 2015, Videos

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Holla Bak - Being Featured

In the first episode of Behind The Music, Holla Bak recounted the time he wrote for soca legend Machel Montano.

Talking to hostess Nakita Haynes, Holla Bak shared about the experience of writing “Tell Me” for Machel.

“That was great… honestly it’s an achievement… I mean at 16, like… Machel is a man that I always used to look up to. And I never thought that my music was good enough to reach the ears of the soca king, and he would’ve been impressed with my work – at that age. At a stage I was now trying to develop, like, now trying to get in the game. So it really, like, inspire me to do more. If the soca king can accept my music than the world can accept my music,” he said of the opportunity.

Machel will be in the island for the 1Love concert on August 2nd.Watch the full episode of Behind The Music below.


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