Teff’s Departure Lounge Album Artwork And Track List

cb on July 17, 2015 - 4:18 am in News

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Departure Lounge - Cover

Teff finally announces the follow up to Dream World by revealing the project’s artwork and track list.

Yesterday the “Royalty” rapper took to his instagram – as everyone does these days –  saying, “A lot of people been asking. Finally announcing my new project Departure Lounge. All new unheard music. Thanks for the patience from all supporters.” 

The upcoming eleven song compilation features production from The Architecz, Jaicko, and Mohamed Haniff; and guest appearances by Komi, Qwase Anderson, usual collaborator, Gallest, Kristen Walker, and serial soca sax remixer, Arturo Tappin.

Departure Lounge - Track List

Unfortunately, there is no official release date as yet. But with the artwork being released I guess the wait won’t be that much longer.

[Images via Instagram]


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