The Best Songs Of 2015 (So Far)

cb on July 7, 2015 - 1:07 pm in Features, Lists

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Damn, half of the year is gone already. And just as quick as time has passed, songs have been coming just as fast. Now that we’re six months in – and smack dab in the middle of Crop Over – it’s time to take a look at ten of the best songs that were released during the top half of the year.

List compiled by Carlos & Victoria

10| Nah Support Dem – John Life


Producer: LionRiddims

Posted: Apr 14th 2015

In the past J.Life would sporadically release a number of songs: experimental offerings over different genres, and almost all featured Indrani. With his Fly Away EP, Life linked with Romanian producer LionRiddims and delivered the most impressive and cohesive project from a Barbadian reggae artist I have heard in a while. The pick of the six-song compilation is the rebellious, “Nah Support Dem.” Life’s brash delivery, and smooth vocals mesh well with the groovy bass line of the ditty dedicated to corrupt systems. Extra points for making “rasshole” sound so good.


9| Run Weh – Rhea Layne


Producer: RFM

Posted: Mar 10th 2015

A year after releasing her last single, “Oh My Love”, Rhea returned with “Run Weh”: a reggae-pop-fusion record that chronicles a love gone awry. Layne expresses real, raw emotion in her vocal delivery; complete with a gets-stuck-in-your-head hook to boot. Her best song to date.


8| Worth – Billy Kincaid


Producer: ShyneBeats

Posted: Jan 6th 2015

“Jumped In The car with no panties on/You came dressed for this ride along” raps Kincaid on his tale of a lustful conquest. Filled with enough venereal lyrical content to make a nun blush, ShyneBeats bouncy trap beat makes it more than just a suitable song for the strip club (as you can tell by the video).


7| Dark Side – Nate Wiles


Producer: Shayman

Posted: Feb 12 2015

Back in February, Jonny K dropped his old sobriquet and re-emerged as Nate Wiles with the venomous “Darkside”. Wiles spits pure ether to past aggressors with a thumping boom-bap production that features an ominous, etheral sample, as the soundtrack to his musical-massacre. “Changed the name but the aim remains the same.”


6| Who Feels It – King Slim


Producer: Micol Knight

Posted: Feb 16 2015

The charismatic King Slim showed he can produce a hit with  “In Your Eyes.”Even though some of his follow ups haven’t been as big as “Eyes,” his February release, “Who Feels It,” has great potential. “Who Feels It” serves as King’s reminder that although everything in life may not be pleasurable, giving praise to the creator is important. Not only is it enlightening, but it is very easy to listen to thanks to Micol Knight’s rocking Wise Man riddim.


5| Let It Go (Le Te Te) – Nexcyx


Producer: Andre Clarke

Posted: Apr 29 2015

After performing this song at their live shows at the beginning of the year, Nexcyx finally released their new single “Let It Go” in April. The song is a cultural melting pot: filled with middle-eastern, reggae, and dubstep influences that not only serves as your summer anthem, but also as an apology that the group actually released “In Da Club.” Wunna Ready?


4| Royalty – Teff (Feat. Komi)


Producer(s): Mohamed Haniff, Eliseus Joseph, Jonathan McCollin and Nicholas Hinkson

Posted: Mar 4 2015

After the release of Dreamworld, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Teff. After working on what was to be his debut album, BGI to JFK, he decided to scrap the entire thing; keeping only a few songs from the discarded project – “Royalty” being one of those tracks he held on to. The cathartic lead single for Departure Lounge sees Teff reflecting on his career, venting frustrations about his environment, and showing why he makes music bigger than the caribbean.


3| Bitch Better Have My Money – Rihanna


Producer(s): Deputy, Kanye West,Travis Scott and Wonda Girl

Posted: Mar 26 2015

After telling MTV that she would be looking to make an album with “songs that are timeless”, Ri threw a complete curveball yorker a few days later with the release of this braggadocios club banger. Stunting her way through the 808-heavy production like a rapper (“Everytime I drop I am the only thing ya’ll playing”), Robyn provided a theme song for debt collectors commanding repayment all over the world.


2| Wind Blows – Kristen Walker


Producer: Mohamed Haniff

Posted: Jan 29 2015

The hype behind Kristen Walker has been building from the time the teenager graced the stage of Honey Jam for the first time in 2013. With “Wind Blows”, released at the end of January, Walker more than lived up to the ballyhoo, as the debutant’s sultry single made its rounds on the internets, and heating up local radio.


1| FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna (Feat. Kanye West, & Paul McCartney)


Producer(s):Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Mike Dean, Dave Longstreth, Noah Goldstein, & Kuk Harrell

Posted:Jan 25 2015

Known for producing a big pop record for her first album single, Rihanna strayed from the usual with “FourFiveSeconds.”  The lead single for the elusive R8 sees the bad gal outshining her musically accomplished peers with her impressive, and improved, vocals. Trying to keep your cool never sounded so good.

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