Every Song Mentioned In Lil’ Rick’s “Hit After Hit”

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Lil Rick - Pyramid Entertainment

As part of his roll out for this year, Rick dropped “Hit After Hit.” It opens up with the legendary entertainer boasting “Every damn year you know I coming with a hit,” a bold, yet truthful, claim that not many other artistes (new or established) can make.

Over a booming production – which is typical Rick(the song is produced by him and frequent collaborator Dwain ‘Dwaingerous’ Antrobus) – he cleverly references past song titles and lyrics; documenting his career and backing up his earlier declaration with as much hits as he has aliases.

After breaking down the lyrics, I compiled all twenty-eight(28) songs mentioned below. There are obviously more that could’ve made the cut, but as Chihuahua said “Can’t call all I int got much time.”

Compiled by Carlos Brathwaite | Image via Pyramid Barbados

“From ‘Hard Wine’ days I did smashing it/Ruff wukking, and jucking, and lashing it/Inspecting bumpers and attacking it”


“With some waistline energy/Jones/Wuk up/Work, work/Guh down, come up”

“Girls gone wild down behind the truck/’Can’t Wait’ had the highway tun up”



Listen to the full version of “Down Behind De Truck”here


“All like ‘Mash Up And Buy Back’ is hit/’Hypa Dawg’ had ya wukking up quick/Remember ‘Look how the glamour girls dem form a line’?…”


“’Do fa Do’ left the place in a mess/Which one ah these girls wukking up the best?”


“Gal tip pon it tip pon it/Ahhh I like myself.”

“I come to juck down gal with ease/First in the fete and the last man to leave”


“’I cant walk pon the road as I like lately’/ I talking bout hits like these”


“’We Surviving’ bruk down Crop Over/’Travellers’ mash up Congaline”

‘Travellers’ is a track from Rick’s second album Challenge, which was released in 1999. The album is available on Amazon.


“Had girls bout dey wukking up sick/I had to tell them like, behave pon it!”

“But, no other girl can bubble like she/I love how she move those hips”


“All like ‘Crazy People’ is hit/’Big Hail’! mash up the district”


“So ya can ‘Talk yuh tak cant bother we,’ this year I coming equip”


Carlos Brathwaite is hoping he didn’t leave any songs out. If so, send complaints to his Twitter

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