Get Up And Go Again, Fadda Fox

cb on October 27, 2015 - 12:44 am in Hilarious

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We fall down, but we get up.

Life can be so cruel. When you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world, reality can hit you harder than a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick, bringing your bliss to a screeching halt. Sadly, Fadda Fox had to go through this catastrophic come down this past weekend.

With the instrumental for his smash hit “Ducking” booming, he was ready to give the Bahamas crowd their monies worth as he skipped on to the stage just before the break for the chorus was about to kick in. Fox, unfortunately, was only able to muster the first two words, “Who could…” before it all went awry – tumbling off the stage and into the front section of the crowd. This was all captured on video, of course.

Man Duck Right Off The Stage Skunt 😂😂😂 #imdone #ducking #faddafox #woiii #faddafail #lmao

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His people quickly rushed to his aid, and he soldiered on; finishing his set (which included a performance of the new release, “Vital Supply“) like a professional. But, we know that social media obviously can’t let this pass without  its share of jokes – cheeky puns (#TellMySupervisorISlip, #FaddaFail) and memes.

Ort @faddafox yuh boss get yuh now! 😩 #Ducking #TubeTags

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Don’t worry, Fox. This too shall pass.

UPDATE: Feeling the heat of the internets, Fadda Fox took to his instagram to respond to the fall and the jokes that followed.

Sharing a video of his performance of “Vital Supply,” Fox retort went like this: “That’s what real Artist do after taking a fall on a WET Stage.. Get up.. Brush it off & slap weh d crowd for ya REAL supporters because it’s VITAL isn’t it!!!”

And just like that, #FoxFallGate is over.

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