Teff Gives An Update (Sorta) On “Departure Lounge”; Plays Two New Songs

cb on October 15, 2015 - 12:18 pm in News

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Teff-Bar Talk

Teff rocked a Future hat, answered some questions, and previewed new material.

This Monday, the “Royalty” rapper made an appearance on the New York-based, online Hip-Hop show, Bar Talk Radio.

In the half-hour interview, he talked about his origins, being in Toronto, and more. He also talked a bit about Departure Lounge, revealing the reasons behind the album’s hold up: “I was just waiting on the right PR company so that I could get my shit on all the right blogs… get my name out there.”

He then announced that a relationship has been formed with a PR company, so, hopefully, that means the project would be hitting the streets soon. But, if you’re fiending for some new material from Hinkson, Departure Lounge cuts, “So Insecure (Feat. Gallest),” and “Golden Clouds (Feat. Kristen Walker)” (also, “Vibrations” which he dropped via his mailing list in August)  played throughout, and at the end of, the interview.

Watch the full interview below – It starts around 41:00 – then read our interview with Teff breaking down each song on Departure Lounge.

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