Here Are Some Rare YouTube Finds To Binge Watch on Independence Day

cb on November 30, 2015 - 1:34 am in Features, Lists

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On this day, Forty-nine years ago, our country broke free from our Mother Country and became Independent. Every year since, during the month of November, we Barbadians beam with pride as we revel in past traditions, delightfully display our national colors, ravish conkies, and look forward to the highly anticipated bank holiday: a spend time with family and friends, rest, or spend hours in your pajamas catching up on shows/movies you missed for the past few weeks.

Since tv binging is now an essential part of a bank holiday tradition, I’m here to help. So, in the spirit of Independence, before you sign into Netflix or put in that DVD you know all the dialouge to, check out the list  of Barbadian-related movies and documentaries sitting in the deep anals of YouTube that I compiled for you to enjoy.

There is everything: action,drama, comedy… you name it! This binge session run time is over eight hours, so grab your favorite snacks, and enjoy!



Producer: Bongo Lights

Year: 2006

Wuh it bout?: This action-drama is a story of survival in a crime-plagued society.

2| VEXX The Movie


Producer: Bongo Lights

Year: 2006

Wuh it bout?: Double-crossers get double-crossed, as greed and disloyalty drives a wedge between a group of bandits. 

3| Keeping Up With The Joneses: The Movie


Year: 2013

Producer: Hall-e-Woods Productions/Fresh Productions

Wuh It Bout?: A mad man and his mad friends help save his family – who put him in the mental in the first place – after they were kidnapped.

4| The World’s Strictest Parents – Barbados


Year: 2010

Producer: BBC Three

Wuh It Bout?: Watch the blood pressure of two Barbadian parents rise, as cameras save two U.K. teenagers from a potential Child Care Board case.

5| The Story of Barbados: From An Agrarian Society To A Service Driven Economy


Year: 2012

Producer: Central Bank of Barbados

Wuh It Bout?: A brief look of where we came from and where we would go back if we don’t get some proper leadership just how far we have progressed as a nation economically.

6| Barbados At The Races


Year: 2011

Producer: BBC Storyville

Wuh It Bout?: Come for the horse racing, stay for that cringing feeling as the clear economic and racial divide hits you head on. (Sadly, I could only find the first episode of this four part series.) 

7| Banged Up Abroad: Busted And Pregnant


Year: 2009

Producer: Five UK

Wuh It Bout?: A former drug mule tells her story of being caught, and giving birth in prison, on the island. Cameos from Belle Holder, Lord Zenn, and Wayne “Cool” Simmons in a ridiculous wig.

8| Barbade, Sur Les Traces de Robyn Rihanna Fenty


Year: 2010

Producer: LambiTV

Wuh It Bout?: A Belgian Rihanna fan flies to Barbados to find out more about the pop star’s upbringing by talking to her old principal, family members, and more.

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