Bajan Pokémon: Try An’ Catch Dem

cb on January 29, 2016 - 11:09 am in Hilarious

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“San’pee, I choose you!”

From the guys that brought you Bajan Batman, Mad Gaskin presents their take on the game and franchise we all loved as children and paid no more attention to when girls started to notice us. In this short, a Pokémon trainer probably named Kemar or Shane does battle with a wild parrow in the bushes of Lavender BridgeTown with local “wildlife”. The evolution part is heee-lay-ree-us. Watch the video below, and should there be a part 2, here are some more Baje-mon to consider:

  • Green monkey
  • Wood dove
  • Red ant
  • Crappo
  • San’flies
  • Conga

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