Teff Hinkson – WDWFTS (We Don’t Wait For The Summer)

cb on January 4, 2016 - 9:42 am in Hip Hop, Latest, Songs, Videos

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Teff drops the first single for Departure Lounge, “WDWFTS.”

Despite a slated 2015 release, the roll out for rapper Teff’s forthcoming debut album has been stuttering to say the least. Outside the official release of “Royalty,” music from the project came out either via snippets or through frustration. However, there might be good signs that DL may just be on the horizon as the “Starz”-lyricist kicks off the new year with the official single and video for “WDWFTS (We Don’t Wait For The Summer)”.

“This is everything that I try to portray: talking about the island, talking about overseas, talking about what’s wrong with what’s going on here socially; but it’s still a party track,” he told us back in August about the Mohamed Haniff-produced (with co-production by Eliseus Joseph) track.

The video, directed by Jonathan Reid, follows three young ladies as they make their rounds after a night out. Striking photographs Jaryd Niles-Morris appearing intermittently throughout the visuals, with Hinkson finally making an appearance at the end. After watching the video below, read Teff’s song by song breakdown of Departure Lounge here.


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