Rihanna Is More Than Unimpressed By Her Assistant’s Interpretation of “Work”

cb on February 8, 2016 - 7:40 pm in Hilarious

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Cold world.

Days after posting behind-the-scenes clips from the “Work” video shoot on Snapchat, Rihanna’s official YouTube uploaded a short video of a studio session for the Anti lead single. While it doesn’t show her going through the process of recording (like the one for “BBHMM“), it shows Ri having some banter with her longtime assistant Jenn Rosales.

“This is a feel good [song]…I can’t wait to hear you sing that,” Jenn says. “Fuh trute? How you think I gine sound?” Rihanna asks, before egging her on to give deliver an imitation. After butchering her impersonation, an unimpressed Rihanna goes for her security guard to remove Jenn from the session as she breaks out into a fit of giggles. A bajan accent really is the hardest to copy. Watch below, and read the 246Mixtapes review of Anti here.

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