Wedding Cake & Hard Wine

cb on March 4, 2016 - 11:24 am in Uncategorized

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Weddings, especially Barbadian ones, are stressful. There are family squabbles, hectic last-minute changes, and whatever else that can possibly make what should be a day of joy just pure misery. However, when the marathon service is finally over, it’s on to the reception – where food, an open bar, and a good time awaits. After the couples first dance to some sappy ballad that reminds them of when they fell in love, the dance floor is cleared, and the deejay (who, if not is a family member with VDJ, is a professional who is just thankful this gig comes with hot food) has free reign to, as we say, open up.

And this video (below), posted by Babbzy At Large on Facebook, is a perfect example of opening up, as guests, along with the bride & groom, perfectly showcase what happens when alcohol, Barbadians, and Lil’Rick’s “Hard Wine” get thrown into the mix.“No hug up embracing time/It’s woman up front pooching back, she man behind”

Wedding of the YEAR!!!!

Well I wish I did dey…..Follow me for the Bacchanal Babbzy At Large!!!

Posted by Babbzy At Large on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

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