Monday Mixdown: De Firs’ Wun

cb on April 25, 2016 - 2:46 pm in Mixes

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Let’s go.

For a while I have been pondering how to go about featuring new mixes on the site. It seems like everyday new ones are posted on Soundcloud or sent to the submissions inbox, and, most of the time, these mixes usually feature the same music. So in an effort to cut down on the redundant posts, I figured why not highlight a bunch of dope, and different mixes each week so that my readers won’t waste their time listening to the same songs cut in different ways. And, why not feature them at the top of the work week on the day they hate most: return to work day. Thus, the Monday Mixdown was born.

Every week three new mixes will be featured. These will either be from the submissions inbox, or those that I come across online. (Life hack: It’s better to use the inbox) So, without further ado, here are the first offerings of the Monday Mixdown.

Trinidad’s DJ Jel, who we featured last Crop Over, pays tribute to Bim with Bajan Invasion 2010s. The hour mix features popular and deep cuts of bajan soca from 2010 til’ last year – kicking off with poky, chipping tunes, before picking up the pace with full blown pelt waist, bashment. Download here.

I stumbled across this one on Facebook and I’m glad that I did. 246 Gold chocked full of “blow of the dust” reggae from the likes of Buggy Nhakente and David Kirton, to new cuts from Heartafiya’s Reggae Vibes album. Build a vibe, indeed.

Puffys Primetime mix series is now live, but it still packs a punch like the old podcast. The eccentric deejay shows why he is Bim’s best on the wheels of steel, scratching his way through early aught’s dancehall, cuts from Yeezy’s TLOP, and pulsating electronic remixes.

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