Pa$tor Herb$ – Aqua Pure

cb on April 26, 2016 - 10:29 am in Latest, Mixtapes/EPs

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Obey your thirst.

When Pa$tor Herb$ described his beat tape Aqua Pure, his first full length project, in the submission email as “wet sounding music,” I really didn’t know what to expect. A few tracks in and I was sold. Herb$ gives his production a “wet” sound by using trippy elements, soft keys, chimes, and even water drops – making you feel like your diving under water, or just lay-floating on the surface – as his drums and hi-hats dance feverishly underneath.

He said that some of his influences for the tape, which he produced between November last year and early February, were Metro Boomin, Vaperror and Burberry Perry. “All beats on here are based on some lesson which I learned at some point in time which I believed I could channel through music,” Herb$ wrote on Soundcloud. He continued, “…anyone who wants to rap on any instrumental or remix it etc. , feel free to do so just give me credit.” But I think it’s best to connect with Herb$ on Twitter to make a proper connection. Listen below.

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