This Old Stiffy Collaboration Proves That We All Make Mistakes

cb on April 20, 2016 - 12:53 pm in Ol' & Stinkin'

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Two years ago Stiffy made his mark with “Ride It” and he has been on a hot streak ever since then – dominating Crop Over 2015, being a mainstay at shows, making noise in Trinidad during carnival, and getting booked at every premium party that wouldn’t have let him in otherwise. And rightfully so. Starquality has been hard at work since he took his sheep in town for Chefette and it has paid of handsomely.

However, a month after “Ride It” premiered on the interwebs, Stiffy did a collaboration with an artist called Blaza Kanon that leaves a ketchup stain on the white t-shirt that is his respectable discography. That stain is “Ben Ova” – an experiment that went horribly wrong.

I repeat: the internet never forgets. There are multiple reasons why this latin pop monstrosity is buried deep down in YouTube’s archives with less than 600 plays. From its janky production, to Kanon’s bootleg Pitbull impression, to Stiffy’s “conductor changing up his accent to attract tourists” flow, the song is proof that we all make gaffes from time to time.

Note that this was made during the time the provocateur was trying to get his name out there. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, or maybe he was just toying with a new sound… or maybe he needed studio time or he owed Blaza a favor. Whatever the reason, “Ride It” took off and he went from underground maybe, to radio mainstay and darling of the industry in no time.

In hindsight, Stiffy may want to forget this exists (I hardly acknowledge any of my earlier work, myself), but this is a reminder to all that we all have to start somewhere.

Check out Stiffy’s latest release for Crop Over 2016, “Tek Off Something” here.

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