Rupee – Counting My Blessings

cb on May 21, 2016 - 9:37 pm in Crop Over 2016, Latest, Soca, Songs

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rupee-counting my blessings

Thankful and humble.

When I saw Rupee leading off the 50th anniversary video, I wondered if the “Tempted To Touch” singer had anything in store for the festival. A week and change later, he answered my mental query with “Counting My Blessings”. Co-produced between himself and Jus D, Rupee voices his gratefulness on the edm-tinged groovy soca. “I’ve been through the sun and rain/I’ve seen so much joy and pain,” he reflects in his trademark cotton-soft delivery, adding that he can jump up, wuk up and pump up if he wants to on the hook. Watch below.

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