Simon Pipe – Tropical Depression

cb on May 4, 2016 - 11:24 am in Latest, Mixtapes/EPs

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A few days ago, Simon Pipe and his wife Carlie released a mek sport Crop Over song “Pudding & Souse“, along with Simon’s EP, Tropical Depression, on Soundcloud. The project then seemed as an afterthought, slipping it under the door as everyone enjoyed “Souse”. While I personally didn’t care for the Crop Over cut, I couldn’t stop listening to the amazing EP. With Tropical Depression, a short follow up of his debut album Ya Probably Shouldn’ta, Pipe lets listeners into his world via black & white poignant soft rock jams, dripping in emotion.

“Sometimes I feel like the man watching over me is like a sniper” Pipe sings on the project’s opener, “Loaded Gun” – a screed detailing Pipe’s anxiety about losing his faith earlier in life. “Somebody get me out of here,” he pleads. On the follow up, “Build A Kingdom”, he’s head over heels in love, before getting morose again on “Not Comfortable” – a song about depression and addiction (“Not a day goes by, that I’m not itching for a reason to get high/It’s not comfortable”).

The dark clouds drift away, and the sun comes out again on “Be With You” and the closer, a tribute to his children and the purpose they brought to his life, “Brand New”. On first listen, TD ‘s songs get stuck in your head with its infectious melodies – making you feel a bit guilty singing along to songs about insecurities and bad habits, or wanting to create a wedding playlist or slideshow with its cheerier efforts – and by the umpteenth listen, your singing along to them.

Watch the video for “Build A Kingdom” below, and listen/download the EP below. You can pick up Tropical Depression on Amazon and iTunes.


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