Inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison Release Songs For Crop Over

cb on June 29, 2016 - 4:54 pm in Crop Over 2016, Latest, Soca, Songs

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This is interesting.

Thanks to The HMP Dodds Songwriting Rehabilitation Project, some inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison have released songs for Crop Over under the weird, but aptly-titled Insider’s Riddim – produced by Christopher McCollin of The Insiders (who, I’m guessing, is incarcerated as well), and features co-production from Mikey Hulsmeier of De Red Boyz.

Bruce Chandler, twin brother of Barry Chandler, who was sentenced to 20 months in jail late last year, is the only recognised artist out of the three releases which centre specifically on women. With the excellent “VIP,” Chandler tells the story of taking some man’s woman in a fete: “And tonight I will pull this girl/And for sure be rocking her world,” he belts. Mystic stuck to the fete-theme as well with the auto-tuned out “Your Style” featuring Lala Hype’s chants. Options chose a different route with “Moving On” – an anecdote about a jilted lover who he lost after being locked up: “And me used to write her? (Yes!)/Did she ever write back? (No!)/And me used to call her? (Yes!)/But did she ever answer? (No!).” Big ups to this project and all of those involved. This is awesome. Listen below.

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