MADD Rehashes ‘De Maddy Maddy Patrol’ For “Pick It Up”

cb on June 21, 2016 - 7:48 pm in Crop Over 2016, Latest, Videos

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Doan touch me.

The concept for MADD’s “Pick It Up (Feat. Jam Puff)” will be familiar to those who know the comedy troupe’s work, as this new release mimics the infamous “Maddy Maddy School Patrol” – released in 1992 – where a stern PC Broomes warns the delinquent Glamor Girl Sue of her harsh future as she dallies around in the bus stand one morning. But instead of lecturing a young woman playing truant, “Pick It Up” parodies the unnecessarily long-winded wrapper controversy that occurred earlier this year, with Broomes instructing Jam Puff to dispose of a sno-cone cup that was in her vicinity.

“But before you step in that minivan/Ya gine put that cup in the stuff can,” the officer bellows. “It int at me, it don’t bother me,” the chatty Jam Puff retorts. The song’s writer, and producer Eric Lewis, makes a cameo at the end as his blunt character Archibull Cox, seemingly representing the public’s unanimous finger-wagging at the rude child, wrapped in an anti-littering stance (“Leh we keep Barbados tidy/Doan mind dis lil’ moon donkey”). Now we need an updated version of “Last Saturday Night” for these trigger-happy young man. Watch the hilariously cheesy video, and relive “De Maddy Maddy Patrol”, below.

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