All The Songs That Made The Semi-Finals That You Probably Never Heard Before

cb on June 21, 2016 - 2:02 am in Crop Over 2016, Soca, Songs

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Sunday evening at the NCF Headquarters in West Terrace, the semi-finalists for the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions were announced. As per usual, public opinion was split on who should have and who should not have made it. Songs that were already in heavy rotation – like Grynner’s “Turn Up De Speaker”, Marvay’s “Know The Face”, and “Good Morning” by Peter Ram for e.g. – easily made the cut. The majority, however, made most let out a collective “Huh?! I int even hear dat.”

This was because some went straight in for judging, a fair share were only released online a few days before the draw (on obscure channels, and not through Julian or here), others mostly flew under the radar, and at least one was released 3 months ago (Leadpipe & Saddis “Make A Fete”). So with that in mind, below is every song that made it to the semi-finals, just in case you missed one or two – because I sure did.

This year’s competition, going down Friday, July 1st at the Kensington Oval, sees Joaquin and Donnell making their competitive berths, the father/daughter duo of Adrian & Azizi Clarke, and King Bubba, TC, Leadpipe & Saddis (also competing for the first time together, in BIM), Mikey, and Sanctuary making the cut for both competitions. (It’s criminal that Coopa Dan’s “Home” didn’t get an automatic place, in my opinion.) Check out the full list below.


Title: AC – How We Feting
Producer: Unknown

Title: Don Trent – New Day
Producer: Kevin “Daddy Bubbles” Marshall

Title: Joaquin – This Place
Producer(s): Eliseus Joseph & Julian Griffith

Title: TC – Wine n Carry On
Producer: Darien Bailey

Title: Imani – Journey
Producer: Jus D Music

Biggie Irie – Money Well Spent

Damian Marvay – Know The Face

Grynner – Turn Up De Speaker

King Bubba – Calling In Sick (Meet Me On The Road)

Leadpipe & Saddis – Dreams

Mikey – C.E.O.

Mistah Dale – Nuttin Sweetah

Nikita – Bun It Up

Peter Ram – Good Morning

Sanctuary – Bailar

Yannick Hooper – They Don’t Want Us To Fete

Reserve: Coopa Dan – Home


Title: AC2 – Soca Season
Producer: Unknown

Title: Blood – Get On Bad
Producer(s): Anderson Armstrong & Michael Mercer

Title: Donnell – Wet Me Down
Producer: Michael Knight

Title: Edwin Yearwood – Bore Ah Hole
Producer: Peter Coppin

Title: Faith Callender – I’ll Be There
Producer: Chris Allman

Title: Lil’ Rick – I’s A Bajan
Producer(s): Monstapiece & Bass Ink Productions

Title: Mikey – Live Fuh This
Producer: Bass Ink

Title: Mistah Dale – Mek Tuh Fete
Producer: Chris Allman

Title: Sir Ruel – When We Getaway
Producer: Chris Allman

Hypasounds – Bam Bam Back

iWeb – Wuk Up & Rum

King Bubba – One King

Rameses – Traffic Blocking

Leadpipe & Saddis – Make A Fete

Sanctuary – Smash

TC – De People Place


Title: Jimmy Dan – If You Are A Bajan
Producer: Redhead Productions Inc

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