Can You See the Elephant…or the Dinosaur?

cb on July 7, 2016 - 11:27 am in Hilarious

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You have to see it to believe it.

“Wuz this yuh got hay?” a man inquires after he hits record on his phone. “This is, ammm, prehistoric art,” the barefooted, shabbily dressed entrepreneur replies. “Prehistoric art?” the man retorts for clarification. The ‘trep – holding a large piece of coral in his right hand, a substantially smaller one in his left – confirms: “Prehistoric art.”  If someone told me about this encounter I would find it hard to believe. But what we all must remember is that Barbadian life is just one long sitcom and encounters with hustling vagrants are a part of everyone’s story arc.

“Wuh dis one name? And who do it?” the customer asks in reference of the large rock. “It was done by me,” businessman claims, and identifies that the large coral “sculpture” was of a dinosaur AND an elephant. Astonishing! “Lemme get a 360 view,” the customer says; probably in disbelief that all he sees is regular coral with no signs of any craftwork. He must be mad. “This thing says a lot,” says the merchant, after pointing out “one of the fish ancestors” on the same dino-phant rock.

The potential buyer asks to see the rest of the stock. The businessman complies, picking up a smaller rock and saying, “We got an elephant right hay” (WHAT?!) “Elephant and fish.” Still curious, the customer asks to see the biggest rock on the pallet. As the merchant picks up the boulder, he snarkily asks, “This tek you a while to do?”. “Yeah.” The businessman also identifies the “figurine” as an ele-saur (“See de trunk here?”). This means that he is either (a) high on something, (b) really determined to sell those rocks, or (c) his art is so contemporary that uncultured riff-raffs cannot interpret this genius. What can be seen as a swindle could just be a kind of rorschach test for brilliance. (For the record, I can see the elephant.)

Intrigued, the customer asks for the price. The sculptor says they usually go for $300, depending on the customer. And since it is his birthday, and since it is him, he would let it go for $30. A 90% discount! NINETY!! Say what you want, but no other establishment bout hay gives you that kind of a markdown. And the customer knows this: “Dah sound like a deal.” (No word on if he actually purchased the rare ele-fi-sna-saur stone.) Watch below.

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