REVIEW: Penthouse Penthouse x Bobby Saint – Upload (EP)

cb on August 4, 2016 - 9:13 pm in Features, Reviews

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Since leaving the center stage, Bobby Saint (Hal Linton) has been working behind-the-scenes, strengthening his writing and producing talents through collaborating with various creatives. One of these associates are Penthouse Penthouse, Mike Parvizi and Preston James, a production duo from Los Angeles. The guy’s chemistry was so fruitful, they decided to work on a project together. Thus, Upload was born.

Their good rapport shows throughout: Penthouse’s soulful soundscapes create a relaxed, sensual backdrop for Saint to belt his smooth spiel at the top of his lungs. Running with the car theme from the “Intro” and “69 Camaro”, Upload is the soft R&B that plays while on a night out cruising with your significant other; the air thick with anticipation of what’s going down later.

“Forgive me father, she got down on her knees,” Saint sings on “Saved”, a song about being in too deep, but, while being apologetic the feeling is just too good to get out. “Saved” is instantly recognizable to anyone who may have heard Next Page, but the hard rock base is repurposed into a crisp funk; the lyrics stay exactly the same, fitting the theme of the project. The b-side/outro “Forever” is a sonic hit of euphoria, the wispy synths carrying the cries of “Got me thinking ‘bout forever” like Cirrus clouds.

Saint puts on his best Prince impression on the title track “Upload”. The late purple one would’ve been impressed with his shrills about his lady over thumping 808s, and plush tones. The closer, “U There”, breaks from the relaxed aesthetic with a throbbing deep house production that lets a cocky Saint run wild. “You know what follows when you get in the back of the Camaro“, he sings.

Short and sweet, “Upload” is an impressive sampler of “sexy but not sleazy” soul jams by Saint and Penthouse. If there is a major complaint, it is that it isn’t a bit longer.

Hard Tune: ”Saved//Forever”, “Upload”

246Mixtapes Rating: 3.5/5

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