Apologies for the Absence

cb on October 11, 2016 - 11:26 am in Uncategorized

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Where do I begin?

If you’re a regular reader or someone who stops by occasionally for new songs, the rare free download, and to hate on whatever is posted, you may have realized that the site has been a bit bare for a few months. And for that I apologize. It’s all my fault. Not that you need an explanation – because I believe that you’re so overjoyed there is something new on the blog you don’t care, or you just want the blog boy to post your songs – but being the sole writer of all the content (I’m flattered when people think I have a team; sidebar: if you have dreams of writing about music and culture – whether your budding, amateur, professional, whatever – just hit me up), a mix of writer’s block, burnout, and career progressions have left the blog on the back burner, sadly.

But I’m writing this to announce everyday posts will resume from today. Release the confetti!

Rest assured, you can look forward to laying your head on the chiseled chest that is my prose as you kill time in class or during the 3:00-4:30 slump. Look out for new original content and other features in the coming weeks. Right before I’ll inevitably get fed up and fill this site with flyers and event photography.

I kid.

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