Remember, This is Our Fault: Here’s The “One Eyebrow” Song

cb on October 17, 2016 - 10:57 am in Hilarious

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“Dis is de girl wid de one eyebrow.”

As I said yesterday, judging from the in-studio pic with Gorg and Peter Ram, Tammy Edwards is striking while the iron is hot, while people still find her video amusing, right before we move on to the next joke or get mad at something for 3 days. Today we get to hear the fruits of the collaboration from the trio with “1Eyebrow (Feh Feh Feh)”. Remember, we caused this. “I rather guh down with two eyebrows dan none,” She proclaims on the 2 minute long track. Over the Coolie Dance Riddim, Edwards tells her side of the story, repeatedly screams “Feh”, has some choice words for her coworkers, and reveals she is leaving her eyebrows so for Independence. Yup. Listen/Download to the song below, and you better enjoy every note and lyric, because we caused this.

[Image via Twitter]

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