Wait, What?!: Marzville and QQ Come Together for “Wikidest Wine”

cb on November 14, 2016 - 12:20 am in Dancehall, Latest, Songs

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Wuk-up and wuk-up.

I guess the biggest shock after a xenophobic pumpkin was elected president of uhmurrca, was discovering this QQ and Marzville collaboration on the internets. I present to you “Wickedest Wine” (produced by DJ Spider) a back-and-forth, call-to-action for women to showcase their waistline skills for Marz and the former dancehall wunderkind, representing the general male gaze. It’s a weird and random coming together – between the man who squeezed every ounce out of Salty for a worldwide hit, and the legend that made “Stukie” – that is over as soon as it begins with its two-minute runtime. Listen below.

[Image via YouTube]

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