DJ Puffy Advances to the Red Bull Thre3style Finals

cb on December 15, 2016 - 2:34 am in News

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DJ Puffy beat out 5 other disk jockeys to advanced as the clear winner of last night’s Red Bull Thre3style second round. Playing at third position, the selector overcame a few hiccups to completely win the crowd over with a diverse set (from hip-hop to latin music, and A LOT of local tunes) and pure manic energy. By the time he got off stage the building was chanting his name, and Barbadians online were telling Dave to watch he ras…anyways.

“This is monumental not just for me, but for the whole region,” Puffy said of the win; his victory speech interrupted by some overzealous lasses who wanted to show their appreciation.

The finals go down this Saturday, where the young spinner has a chance to win it all.
Watch the moment Puffy was announced the winner, and his 15-minute set (he starts around the 1:18:00 mark), below.

[Image via Twitter]

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