Jiggaward’s “Lil’ Rick Journey” Mix is a Two Hour Tribute to the Icon

cb on December 13, 2016 - 9:28 am in Mixes

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Dog bite ya.

Even though he left out “Done Get Yam Out” and “Dollar Wine” (DOLLAR WINE!!!), Jiggaward’s mix “The Lil’ Rick Journey” is still pretty solid. The compilation chronicles Rick’s rise from his days in dub; to being a plucky upstart in soca when his sound nestled in the bosom of tuk; to the forgettable days of the experimental hip-hop/club fusions; to his days of Ermie Bourne Highway dominance; to…well you get the picture. It’s a celebration of the soca icon with deep cuts and hits after hits that knock the cobwebs off ya cranium and make you exclaim “Boy, I forget dah one.” Listen/Download below.

[Image via Caribbean Beat]

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