Peter Ram’s “Good Morning” Video is a Celebration of Barbadiana

cb on December 13, 2016 - 9:13 am in Crop Over 2016, Latest, Videos

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Show dem how we does free up.

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but most of the soca that directly celebrated our golden jubilee this year felt a bit disingenuous – like it was a mandate from government that Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley carried to every studio he visited in the weeks leading up to Crop Over: Sing about the 50th, or else… Of course this is not true.

One of the songs that felt honest, that felt real, was Ram’s “Good Morning”, even though he only mentions the momentous occasion in passing:

“This is our destiny, yes it belongs to we / We making history / We celebrate, we celebrate

Just doing our duties, And nothing could stop we / We does party in sun or rain”

While it wasn’t an outright song for the commemoration, the Red Boyz produced jam’s authentic celebration of Crop Over and Barbados will be used for many Independences to come. The Graham Cumberbatch-directed video conveys Ram’s feteing of Bim to a T. The visuals prominently feature the former Party Monarch Champion & friends (including Gorg, Shanta Prince, Nikita, Stinking George) at various locations along the coast and driving through these fields and hills in an ol’ time bus, with footage from Crop Over littered throughout. It is a warm watch that fills even the biggest cynic with national pride and festival tabanca. It even has a Grynner cameo. Can it get more Bajan than that? Watch below.

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