You’re Smart Enough to Know This Rihanna “$2 Million Roast Corn” Story is Fake, Right?

cb on December 12, 2016 - 10:30 pm in News

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Let me preface this by stating that roast corn is overrated. The charred “treat” leaves you with nothing but a mouthful of ash, and sore jawbones from all the chewing. It is alleged that years of consuming roast corn can have you looking like the Harris Paints mascot. But I digress. Onto the matter at hand. Vybz Media recently posted an article “Rihanna visit Jamaica and leave elderly food vendor with $2 million” and it has been making the rounds on the internets. The post states that on a recent trip to Jamaica, the pop star left a sizeable donation to an elderly vendor after purchasing roast corn from him. The story in full as it is posted on the site:

58 year old Lenroy Williams has been struggling for the past 3 years after losing his job at a popular restaurant in Negril.

Back in February Lenroy started a small business on the road side to try cover medical expenses and help his sick wife.

“I prayed day an night for help an it came when I needed it most, prayers and patience is the key”

Lenroy recall sitting down preparing his roast yam and corn when a car drove up an ordered after a brief conversation, laughing and telling them about his situation a lady gave him an envelope an said “keep the change” when opened the package he saw 15,000USD (2 million JMD). Rihanna then posted photos and video with lenroy that night.

Heartwarming? Yes. But if you can’t tell by the glaring errors, this story is fake. The folk over at Vybz Media took a recent snapchat story (see below) from when Rihanna was in the island for our Independence celebrations, and cooked up Lenroy and his sob story. Mediatakeout would be impressed.

Rihanna is a generous person, but I don’t think she is give-$15,000-for-food-that-is-the-consistency-of-a-cement-block-generous. Plus, who walks around with that sort of ca…then again. Who knows? But this is another example of how fake news spreads on social media. People just read the headline and click “share,” without ever divulging into the article to fact check whether it’s true or not. Fake news is bad. It’s the reason why a racist pumpkin is going to be the President of the “United” States.

[via vybzmedia]

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