Iron Pipe Tackle Social Issues With “Sound System” and “Water Pressure”

cb on January 2, 2017 - 7:00 am in Dancehall, Latest, Songs

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How ya mean?

On paper, Iron Pipe shouldn’t work, musically. The only one in the group that can hold a note is Simon. No diss to Adrian or DJ, but Simon’s pipes are proven. Did I set up that intro just to deliver that pun? Probably. But I’m also being honest. However, what they lack as a group in vocal ability, they make up with sharp, witty lyrics, as the triumvirate are all strong writers in their own right. All writers I respect. Writers with robust deliveries, whose spoken word and chants sear every bit of prose into yuh nutpan. So while the music may feel a bit clunky at the moment, the messages in the songs stand tall. Take the recent releases “Sound System” and “Water Worries” for example.

“Sound System” is a call back to the dub culture of yore. With a frankensteined Sleng Teng Riddim loop at its base, the group compare the present political system to that of a dub system, attacking it like its a flaccid sound boy: “In a minute they gine limit and start to peter / Yuh sound peaking, you sleeping my selector?” “Water Pressure” on the other hand, tackles the dry taps in parts of the island and the negligence surrounding it. Listen to/Download “Sound System” and “Water Pressure.”

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