Rupee x Ricardo Drue Connect on De Red Boyz-Produced “No Name”

cb on January 3, 2017 - 7:00 am in Latest, Soca, Songs

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Sometimes the party gets the best of you and you indulge in behavior you’re not used to. Because you’re a standup citizen, usually, it just so happened that you had a bit more rum than usual at that moment. While in this state, someone you know may draw attention to you, screaming your name and hollering, “Wuh I int know you iz get on so!” Tarnishing what ever is left of your rep. With “No Name,” Rupee and Ricardo Drue make a case for in-the-fete-or-on-the-road-anonymity, pushing back against the loud mouths to “see and don’t see” and keep it moving: “If ya see me drunk, drunk / Stumble on the ground / Up and down the town / Nobody should know who I am”. De Red Boyz’s rocking production is the foundation for this lush Trinidad Carnival contribution. Listen below.

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