Alone on a Rooftop, Mahailia Dances her Heart out for the “Set You Free” Video

cb on March 29, 2017 - 7:19 pm in Latest, Videos

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We tri-i-i-ed…

Like Rhesa Garne’s “Imagine,” I fear that 2 Mile Hill’s “Set You Free” will be a gem that wouldn’t get its just due (i.e. radio play) in this island. Nevertheless, my apprehension aside, the Uncovered stand out got the video treatment this past December, with a twist. Mahailia was the only member from the collective featured.

On a roof somewhere on this rock – dressed in all black, her usually neat grey bob tasseled, and her skin covered in a soot-like substance – the lead singer goes through an interpretive dance routine between solar panels and air con units as the sun sets in the background, conveying the emotional vulnerability of the song.

Even though she regularly dances, she confesses that this was the most difficult thing she has had to do thus far. In a Facebook video she says:

“This is a new experience for me, dancing for a video. Dancing solo. I don’t usually dance solo, I dance with a group. And, so, my heart is in my throat [laughs]…It’s hard talking about it. Even know thinking about the fact that I’m going to be so vulnerable, and exposed. Not even just from the lyrics of the song that I wrote, which are like a personal real experience, but now even showing my dancing on that level for everyone to see and it’s just gonna be there forever online. But I think it’s time to expose that side of myself and let everyone out there get to know me more and feel even more connected to what makes Mahailia, Mahailia.”

Watch the video below, and listen to Mahailia’s interview on the Tru Da Wire podcast right after.

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