Alison Hinds Shares her Side of the Story in the Reply to Orlando Octave’s “Single”

cb on March 29, 2017 - 6:28 pm in Latest, Soca, Songs

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Looka trouble.

Aunty Alison officially kicks off her Crop Over 2017 with a reply to Orlando Octave’s Trinidad Carnival hit “Single” (Produced by Central Records (Lackaz)). Counteracting Octave’s prude-at-home-but-wild-outside argument, Hinds makes some accusations of her own:

“I always in the house, so what you talking bout’? / When you outta road, gal does call my phone / Saying that you wid dem, and allyuh is more than friend / So tell me what you have to say?”

Her dressing down doesn’t stop there. In the second verse she lets him know that the informing friend is breaking the breddrin’ code because he wants to get with her (“He marking me whole night, Looking for more than wine / He want me leave with him”). May I suggest counseling? Listen below.

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