Brutal Crankstar Returns to the Fold With New Music Feat. Lady Essence x Leadpipe

cb on April 6, 2017 - 12:15 pm in Dancehall, Latest, Songs

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New tune.

After months of radio silence (and having a great single being terribly underserved), Brute is back with two new songs. The first offering “My Cell Phone (Cheating),” sees Crank going back and forth with Lady Essence, accusing each other of misunderstanding the arranged liasion. It’s raw with a catchy hook (“But why you don’t stop calling my cell phone? (It’s true) / Why you don’t stop sneaking out when I ain’t home (Not true)”). NSFW.

The second contribution, “Kill ’em And Done,” features Leadpipe – who has also been under the radar. The two artists compliment each other well, running off the usual gun talk and empty threats (it’s entertainment after all) dancehall is so famous for, over Rico Skillz’s dark War Camp Riddim. “Reliable to pull up pon ya block and clap anything / Swear it was a good performance or a wedding ting,” Pipe charges. Brutal adds: “Pull up pon ya block and deposit nuff shots in ya belly, like my money at Scotia.” Listen to “Kill ’em And Done,” and the rest of the songs featured on the impressive War Camp Riddim, below.

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