A Drake Lyric Might be a Quasi-Attempt to Soothe Barbados-Trinidad Relations (Or Not)

cb on July 24, 2017 - 12:30 pm in Hilarious

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Sad ting.

Fresh off of his Afro-Caribbean-inspired playlist More Life, Drake dropped  “Signs” – debuted at, and inspired by, Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection in Late June.

There is nothing major to shout about with this song – it is typical girl-listen-to-me-world-sound Drake, and kind of sounds like part 2 of “Passionfruit,” but less breezy. However, the line “You wanna drink like Bajan and dance like Trini” he uses to encourage (or chide?) his female friend stands out, for obvious reasons. I got to thinking: Is The Boy saying that she likes (or attempts) to go out and have a good time because we (the prominent isles of the Caribbean™) are masters of it? Or is he saying she drinks “like bajan” to insinuate that Bim full ah rummys, after reading statistics on our high alcohol consumption per capita?

Speculation aside, I see this as more of a kind-hearted gesture. I could imagine that after reading extensively on our maritime disputes, researching the ever growing commercial and cultural influence the twin island republic has over Barbados, and seeing online back-and-forth about Marzville and Salty, Aubrey went to the studio intent on mending the passive-aggressive relationship between them. A momentous task, sure. But Drake stands for “Do Right And Konnect Everyone.”

Whether this has any effect we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, listen below as you watch the models strut the catwalk, or on Apple Music

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