So Far, So Good: Watch the First Three Episodes of ‘Redemption’

cb on August 28, 2017 - 8:00 am in Latest, Videos

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Check it out.

In a recent moment of idleness, I came across this web series called Redemption. Starring Sean Michael Field and Simon Alleyne (most recently known of Rum n Koke fame), the show is, as described in its synopsis, about the drug trade in the Caribbean, and two brothers, Onaje (Field) and Asante (Alleyne), who are searching for the truth behind their father’s sudden death.

The web series, which is also directed by Field, also stars Jeanille Bonterre (former Tempo Veejay and bae in my head), seasoned thespian Tony Thompson, Vilmore Johnson, Levi King (formerly of Azman), Glenn Benjamin and Benjamin Drakes. Shot entirely in Barbados, the series will run for five episodes.

****** Some spoilers ahead ******


Based on what I’ve seen in these first three episodes, it is clear that the show has potential. It has great visuals, a gritty, dark tone, and most importantly an engaging storyline – which offsets the unintentional camp of the overdubbed vocals (a reminder of old Kung Fu flicks) and frigid acting.

With each episode running around four minutes, the plot moves swiftly. Back in the island to bury his father, Onaje and Asante quickly look to avenge his passing by following a hot lead. Dressed for retribution, in outfits that guarantee them entry wherever they go (black shirts, black shades, big jeans, scowls), the brothers find out that despite media reports of a heart attack, the streets were saying that their father, Judah, was poisoned, and it was covered up by the new Minister of Health, Dr. Lashley (Tony Thompson).

A visit to Lashley’s home, and after some threats, revealed that their father was causing some higher ups problems and he had to be taken out. The third episode ends in a cliffhanger where the brothers snatch up a man called Martin Gittens, who was said to be directly responsible for his killing.

I speculate that Briley (Bonterre), Onaje’s former lover, had something to do with this. All roads lead to her. The concern that she has for him returning to a life of crime to seek justice might only be a facade so that he won’t find out the truth. And judging by her and Asante’s contentious exchange, and his suspicious look when they left the funeral home, I might not be wrong. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

I don’t know when the next episode would drop, but it seems that each one is dropping every seven days. So since episode three came out on the 24th of August, I believe the fourth will drop on the 31st.

Infact, save yaself the hassle and subscribe to the channel or watch this space.

Sidebar:It seems that this has been in the works for quite some time even though it has recently been released. Check this video from Jeanille Bonterre’s YouTube channel which was uploaded six years ago.

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