Lil’ Rick on Longevity: “If you Want to be a Great Batsman, you go out There and bat”

cb on August 15, 2017 - 8:29 am in News

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Good gosh.

Over two decades Lil’ Rick has gone from a young artiste bucking conventions into an icon who is synonymous with Barbadian entertainment and Crop Over, both as an artiste and disc jockey. And the Chihuahua Businessman doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, even as the Hypa Kids are now as tall as him.

He made this clear while on the Mark and Jem Morning show in Toronto, promoting the Barbados on the Water show with Rupee, back in May. While discussing his defense of his Party Monarch crown (which he was successful on achieving), Jem asked, “So what about people who say give the other people a chance?” Rick replied:

No, if you’re a batsman you’re not going out there and say, yuh know wuh I int making no runs today because I want to give Rupee a chance and let he…No! You gotta bat for them runs, yuh know. And if you want to be a great batsman, you go out there and bat…And don’t matter how old or young yuh is, if yuh doing well, yuh doing well, yuh know. Age doesn’t matter.

Rick is right. Even though in some people’s opinions artistes like himself, Red Plastic Bag, Edwin Yearwood and Blood etc. should make way for new talent (especially in competitions) because of their past successes, they shouldn’t have to sacrifice their creative contributions to the festival or refuse take part in competitions due to their age. Old men gotta eat too.

Watch the full interview below (the discussion starts at the 17:00 mark) where Rick and Rupee discuss Barbados, Tropical House, and more. And also watch Rick’s Barbados on the Water performance as well.

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