The Sealy Brothers Continue Their Quest for Vengeance in Episode 4 of ‘Redemption’

cb on September 1, 2017 - 10:00 pm in Latest, Videos

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When we last left Onaje and Asante, they followed the Minister of Health’s tip and snatched up the man, Martin Gittens (Vilmore Johnson), said to be directly responsible for their father’s death for questioning.

Episode 4 opens up in the middle of said interrogation, taking place in the middle of a canefield in the dead of the night. Gittens’s initial defiance is broken and he gives up the name of the lackey he had do the job, before he eventually meets his demise via a cricket bat. The brothers bloodlust continued as they seeked out the alleged footman, Cat (Levi King). And with guns to his face, Cat confirms what I initially thought after watching the first three episodes: it was Briley who killed their father.

The series comes to a close with the fifth and final episode next week, where we would see the ultimate fate of Ms. Briley. Can’t wait.

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